Ceiling Displays

We stock our products for quick delivery with a wide variety of patented mobile kits, banner hangers, ceiling hardware and attachments and signage connectors that can be used in a wide variety of ways for any of your point of purchase advertising needs. Many of the kits come complete with hanging hardware for easy kiting for large-scale product roll-outs.

  • Ceiling Display Categories


    Mobile Ceiling Displays come in a range of styles, sizes, and configurations from three sided display able to hold panels 10-60 inches and four sided displays with a panel width of 12-24 inches. Also choose form a free motion mobile displays that include display dowels and a plastic joiner to hang several free floating signs.


    When hanging a ceiling display it is important to have the right hanging hardware for your environment and display type. Our ceiling display hardware works on any standard 1 inch drop ceiling grid.


    When hanging a ceiling display it is important to have the right Signage Connector for your environment, hanging hardware, and display type. Choose from one of our Double C-hooks, Cable Connectors, Jet Wire, Display Chains, or Barbed Cords depending on the weight of your signage and style of hanging hardware.


    Add motion to your displays by putting a battery powered display motor with one of our Megaramas, Triaramas, Mini-Triaramas, or Quadramas to give your ceiling display maximum visibility from all sides. Display Motors are also available in a two battery version for attaching your mobile display to a litho pole and display base to create an affordable floor display.

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