Floor Displays

Flood display pole are a great way to call attention to your products and services without taking up a large amount of floor space. We carry display poles and bases that work great with our Triarama & Megarama mobile displays to create a variety of options for your sales promotions.

  • Floor Display Categories


    Our Litho wrapped fiber poles are a great inexpensive option to add a floor display to your sales room. Available in white and black these poles come in two and three section set that measure up to 72 inches. Add a Megarama, Wire Base, and Display Motor for a freestanding display that can be seen form any side of the room.


    Pole Display Bases are available in black and white plastic or metal styles. Plastic Bases come in sizes up to 23 inches and come with an insert for the size of pole that you are using. Our Metal bases come in two styles including wire feet that have a leg span of 24 inches or our Hollywood feet that work for heavier display needs.


    If you want to attach a pole to a shelving unit or another display we have accessories that can adhere to most surfaces. We also carry strap mount sign holders and pole top sign holders that can hold your signage where you want it.


    Add motion to your Pole Displays by putting a battery powered display motor with one of our Megarama's, Triarama's, Mini-Triarama's, or Quadrama's to give your maximum visibility from all sides. Also available in a one battery version for attaching a mobile displays to Ceiling Hardware.

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